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Nigel Dawson Online Therapy

Whilst face to face sessions remain the most common way to engage in therapy, many clients and therapists are now turning to online working. 

This may meet your need for flexibility. You may, for example wish to work with me online because it’s geographically convenient or it’s easier to time table in around your other commitments.

I prefer to use a Video Call system, such as Skype or FaceTime.

Please familiarise yourself with their security and confidentiality conditions before deciding which service you would like to use.

Before our session your may wish to check your internet connection and equipment are working properly.

The sessions are fifty minutes long and are usually weekly, at a time that suits you and your commitments. 

Prior to the session you may want to ensure you’re going to be alone and free from interruptions.

I also recommend making sure you're comfortably seated and have a few minutes before and after the session for reflection.


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