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I aim to support you in your healing, growth and development and assist you to bring about the positive changes you want.

Together we'll create a setting where work is undertaken with mutual respect, compassion, positive regard and attentiveness.

We will accept our shared commitment and responsibility for the task we undertake.

Everyone has the possibility to be fulfilled, content and to achieve our full potential. However, sometimes current circumstances, past experiences, or the decisions we make, can result in our dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

Our work together can assist you in understanding how your personality has been shaped by experience, decisions and beliefs, particularly those from childhood.

I believe through understanding these processes, they become available to influence and positive change in the here and now.

Hopefully my website will help you decide if you’d like to work with me.

Do get in touch if there's any else you'd like to check out with me. 

I know at my core I am OK,

and I know at your core, you are OK too.

By this I mean we are all well intentioned, possess importance, merit and dignity.

If you feel yourself cut off from your sense of OK-ness, I see my role as assisting you to reconnect with your authentic self and living the life you want, to your full potential.

The therapy I offer you will be tailored to meet your individual style, pace and circumstances, not only to address the issues that brought you to see me, but also to build on your resilience and ability to manage issues you may encounter in the future. 

At present I work solely online and by telephone.

For more information or to arrange a first appointment call me on

07525 374 062

or email

[email protected]